Valentino Rossi "The Doctor" test with Ferrari at Vallelunga

News Valentino Rossi will test with Ferrari again properly implemented. But this time The Doctor will not be driving a F1 car because he would appear in the endurance race.

Rossi rumored to be returning to do a series of tests with the Ferrari F1 team. Before it is done, the 2009 MotoGP world champion will ride another car owned by the Italian manufacturer.

Crash reported, Rossi will compete in an endurance event lasted six hours which was held in Vallelunga on this weekend. Surely not F60 or another series of vehicles owned land Ferrari jet that would ride Rossi, in the event he will drive a Ferrari 430 sports car.

Just like riding on two wheels, The Doctor will race using the number 46. Racing will start on Sunday at 9:30 am local time following the first practice session on Friday and Saturday.

Rule the two-wheeled race, Rossi was no stranger to having to switch to car racing. Since 2004 he has conducted several trials with the Ferrari F1 team and even participated in the WRC event.