Dani Pedrosa will Satisfied New Engine Performance Honda RCV- 212 for 2010 Season

Valencia - Dani Pedrosa won the big ambition is far better next season. He therefore asked Honda to continue to develop, unless the machine.

Pedrosa in 2009 this season must be satisfied to sit on the top three drivers in the final standings. The success of the last series win in Valencia confirmed its position that had threatened Casey Stoner.

Throughout 2009, Pedrosa's performance was not too bad actually. The Spanish driver was recorded eight times pounded the podium, where two of them being the best. But the name of the competition Pedrosa duo sink Yamaha, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo in all this season.

24-year-old driver was also wanted to improve his performance in the 2010 season. In addition to improving the quality of racing again, he also asked Honda to continue to improvise on the vehicle.

Pedrosa who follow a series of Valencia MotoGP test some time ago had already tested the vehicle package that will he used in the next season. He admitted that he had quite satisfied with the engine attached to the Honda RC212V, but not for the other parts.

"The machine that we have been pretty good, quite powerful, and have the ability to deliver. So we do not need development in the department at this time," he said in MCN.

"But we still need to take steps in the chassis to be developed. Also, as I told you lately we need to develop stability when braking and entering the corner," he concluded.