Review Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R is a sports motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki Motors. Before the introduction of ZX-14 (ZZR1400), ZX-12R which is the flagship sports bike and the Kawasaki Suzuki Hayabusa competitors. The ZX-12R is a fuel injection (4 x 46 mm throttle body) hypersport 1200 cc motorcycle, producing around 178 hp and 190 hp at the stop at 300 km / hour based on its ram air system.

Handling and braking in accordance with the power of the engine produces an obedient motorcycle at low speed and very easy to handle heavy traffic, but has strong acceleration and speed limited to 186 mph (300 km / h).

Pre-production models of the ZX-12R revealed a bike that was faster and more powerful than the Suzuki Hayabusa. Several important publications motorcycles were tested pre-production ZX-12R and found it to be more superior than the Hayabusa in the case of straight-line performance. In Japan, the pre-production tests showed a top speed near 200 mph. However, the ZX-12R released in 2000 proved to be quite disappointed, because the production version of the ZX-12R delayed for several weeks without notification.

Many industries in the reports that European governments have threatened to ban the ZX-12R entirely due to peculiar velocity and acceleration statistics. The threats were apparently serious, and Kawasaki bikes released by slightly de-tuned machine that failed to topple the throne Hayabusa (in terms of top speed and acceleration tests). Adjustments are not sufficient to meet the relevant parties with the ability ZX-12R's performance. Starting with 2001 models, including speed limiters to reduce peak velocity ZX-12R to 300 km / h. This is caused by the fact that governments (especially in Europe) are concerned with the ongoing search among Japanese manufacturers that the higher maximum speed, which viewed as a powerful marketing tool in most markets around the world (although the unfettered presence in markets where many cars boasting a top speed close to, or exceeds 200 mph).

Producers were told they could voluntarily limit the speed of their bikes, or there will be laws that limit the speed. Japanese manufacturers agreed on a gentlemen's agreement to limit the maximum speed to 299 km / h (186 mp / h). Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R was discontinued in 2006.

Although not very popular in terms of sales as the Suzuki Hayabusa, ZX-12R enjoys a strong following among riders and fans. Many sports bike magazine praised the ZX-12R sportbike to overall performance. It is designed to be a sportbike all-around in addition to being extremely fast, unlike the Hayabusa is designed more for straight line speed.

Many magazines Kawasaki comparisons prove to be a bike faster and faster in the head to head comparison with the Hayabusa, but it should be noted that the bike was very close in terms of straight line performance that many factors could play into the bike faster on a particular day. However, most round magazine felt the ZX-12R is the bike "song better" than the Hayabusa, who is given logical design.