Test results with Ferrari in Barcelona to be left Yamaha worried by Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi to test appeared promising when Ferrari. Yamaha also began to worry Rossi will leave MotoGP. Moreover, Rossi had a chance to close the meeting swerved into F1, or even join Ducati.

Rossi had an F1 test twice using the F2008 car at Circuit Catalunya, Barcelona. Seven-time world champion in the primary class motor racing is even manages to look neat.

Rossi himself is still under contract, which will run out later this year, with Yamaha to race in MotoGP. However, a positive view 'The Doctor' in Barcelona surefire make his boss at Yamaha's Davide Brivio, anxiety.

"I have to worry about with notes good time because Valentino really eager to switch sports," said he told Gazzetta dello Sport quoted by Sky Sports.

In addition, it seems Brivio also had to increasingly worried because after testing Rossi helped remove comments that mentioned that he did not rule change with the defending team Ducati, as it blew past speculation.

"Until tomorrow, my job is riding a motorcycle. I will decide my future in the next few weeks: I also got an offer from Ducati. Everything will be clear in the coming months," said Rossi.